EPIC FAIL – A 14-year-old Aboriginal/Caucasian girl is raped at at party she attends with her two friends. Two years later, photos of the incident appear on social media, which has serious consequences for everyone involved.   



Sep 27, 2017   Isaiah rated it five out of five stars     it was amazing

I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.

I went through and requested every book by this publisher on NetGalley. Have to say I am very impressed. I highly recommend their books. This book is just another hit from them. This book follows the aftermath of a party where ninth grade girls were raped as part of a game for twelfth graders. It is a really sick concept, one that I don’t doubt is completely possible.

The story follows Jared and Kenzie. Kenzie was one of the ninth grade girls at the party. Jared was the younger brother of the twelfth grader that threw the party. It has created a great deal of emotional trauma for both of them. Kenzie is spiraling downward in depression and anxiety. Jared is being bullied and has his own issues brewing around family drama.

The book allowed for a very simple look at a very complex issue such as date rape and the repercussions for everyone after the fact. The book didn’t dwell on what happened, but instead focused on what was happening. The book takes place two years after the rape. This book opens the door to talk about rape culture and the way that women are allowed to navigate in the world of sexuality. It is a great introduction and I wish I had copies to give out to the inmates I teach at the jail. This book is a lower reading level and most of them would be able to handle it. It is brilliant.

I did wish the story was longer. I read it in two or three hours, but that is the perfect length when you are trying to get reluctant teens to read a book. I think I can suffer through wanting more if it means that this book will be able to reach more people.














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