Gearing Up!

Poetic Forms and Words from Past CV 2 2 Day Poem Contests

It is almost time for this year’s Contemporary Verse 2 Two-Day Poem contest. I have been entering now for almost a decade and it is the highlight of National Poetry Month for me. I was originally turned on to the contest while taking a poetry workshop from local poet, Heidi Greco. In her class, I experimented with poetry and found my voice. I had been writing since the age of eight but this was the first time I began to feel like a poet.

Past CV2 Magazines

There was a sense of camaraderie as we dove into the CV 2 Contest that year and in 2013, I was fortunate enough to win Editor’s Choice and a copy of the book, with my entry: Vegas, Baby. Since then, I have continued to enter contests, like the Coffee Shop Author Contest put together by Susan Toy, where I won Honorable Mention. I have also participated in the Poetry Marathon for a few years now and love the connections I have made there, as well.

Book with my entry from last year’s contest

I have created four chapbooks of poetry I share with friends and family and I have had the unique pleasure of hosting a literary Open Mic in my local community for many years, where usually we have only poetry shared in the April session. This year we missed our time together and it seems we may be out of luck for gathering to celebrate poetry and other writing endeavors for some time to come.

Chapbook created during the Coffee Shop Author Contest.

Let’s hope that while we are quarantined the words flow and poetic musings abound. Or, at least that I have some luck with tonight’s ten words as I venture off into 48 hours of poetry madness.

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