Surrey International Writer’s Conference

Someone asked me today how long I have been attending as a volunteer or attendee and though I can’t recall at the moment how many years I have been volunteering, I know that my step-son was in grade five the year I first attended SIWC as a scared, wide-eyed, hope-to-be-a-published author some day. I paid for two days, the first time, and it was in 2005.

I wish I could also remember who the keynote was that year but I have never forgotten one thing she said: “Go to your local library or bookstore and imagine your book on their shelf.” That got to me and I actually did what she suggested. Six years later, I remember standing in front of the YA section at Black Bond Books in the Semiahmoo Mall and the store owner, Susan coming up to me to see if I needed any help. I was embarrassed but blurted out that I was fine, thank you. I was just excited to see my book in the ‘W’ section.

She promptly got a pen and had me autograph the copy of “BENCHED” and then she turned it face-out and placed a sign underneath that read, “Local Author”. My journey had begun! I thank the #SIWC for helping me begin my writing journey and to believe in myself as a writer and author. I watched the faces of so many over the last four days who are just at the beginning of their journey and I hope the conference gave them inspiration!

Today, I noticed the amazing view from the 21st floor as our conference came to an end and I admired the typewriter I wish I could have taken home from the silent auction. Another year of amazing memories. Another year of visiting with old friends and new in the #writingcommunity. Another year of writing tips and tricks of the trade. I’m ready to write and write and write…



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