High Praise

High praise for the students at Chaffey-Burke Elementary in Burnaby, BC! And happily, high praise from them, as well! I recently visited their grade four/five class after they finished reading LIVING ROUGH and did their ‘Book-in-a-Bag’ projects. It was wonderful to meet such eager readers of my novel. Their in-class questions were just as interesting as their printed letters, which I received before the visit and have since responded to individually.

What great fun! Some of my favourite comments and phrases:

I’ve never seen a book that belongs so much in a classroom like this one.

I drew the part where Edgar had to talk on camera and we had to draw about something important and I thought that part was important because he was trying to help his dad. I love that book. 

When we ended a chapter, we were begging our teacher to keep reading!

Even though reading isn’t my favourite, your book really sucked me in.

I am your number one fan!

For Christmas, I’m probably going to beg my mom for the 2nd book! (Guess I better hurry and write it!)

I also loved the comparison of my books to others – not sure ALL the praise is deserved but it is definitely appreciated. Here are some of the great compliments:

I have interests in chapter books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is just as good as your book! 

In my opinion your book is as good as Harry Potter!

Your books are wonderful as a diamond!


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