Hearing from your readers…

One of the best things to receive as an author, besides great questions from students when you visit their class, like this recent presentation to Queen Mary School, are letters. I have a busy weekend ahead answering the wonderful letters from the grade five students at this lower mainland elementary school. Below are some of my favourite messages from their letters. What better accolades can one receive than these:

  • What I liked about “Living Rough” were the cliffhangers.
  • Whenever you put a cliff hanger we wanted to read more.
  • I enjoyed your novel because it sounded so realistic.
  • It’s really inspirational!
  • I really enjoyed that your book could make me picture perfectly what was happening in the book.
  • I really improved my writing skills from your book. Also, I got a stronger, creative mind.
  • I love your book because it makes us a better person by making us care more about the homeless and about any people who have any problems at all.
  • I loved how you didn’t tell us Edgar’s secret. I think it is a very good strategy to pull people into the book.
  • Some suggestions that I have for you are that I really think that you should make a Living Rough #2.

And on this last note, it would be great fun to revisit my characters and give them a follow-up story. I have no shortage of ideas for what book two could entail: from this batch of letters and from previous notes from other students. Please keep reading books and sharing your wonderful messages with us – it is the best part of being an author!






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