Throwback Thursdays

This article was posted on my original blog on 2/12/16


Today is the release date for Cutter Boy! I am anxious to have a book in my hands. As mentioned in my two previous blog posts, I plan to share the final artist showcased in my novel, through this post.

When writing a book, one may have the germ of an idea for a story. So much more has to come together for the story to have plot, tension and to be a compelling read. When I first decided to write about a boy who self-harms, I knew that was not enough. I knew the story needed more to be a compelling read, and it needed more to help those in distress and/or helping others who struggle.

When I first discovered paper-cut art and saw the artist, Béatrice Coron through my character’s eyes, it made it so much easier to peruse the web for more artists. I knew which ones my character was drawn to and why he connected with them. The last artist alluded to in my book is Canadian, Calvin Nicholls. His work can be seen here:

I was mesmerized by his work and it becomes a connecting moment between Travis and Chyvonne is the book. As Cutter Boy is released today, I hope that readers enjoy the art mentioned in the book and I hope

that the story helps those youth, who need to be heard.


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