New Year’s Resolutions

Back in 2007, I sat alone for New  Year’s Eve in my apartment. I was reflecting on my year and its many challenges. I was also looking ahead to what I could differently in the coming year. I knew one thing for certain, I wanted my New Year’s Resolution to be meaningful; I wanted my goal to be something that would bring me pleasure and fulfill my life-long dreams. I decided at two minutes to midnight that my resolution for 2008 would be to write a book. I had done some work for our school district and knew that Orca was publishing the kind of books I wanted to write: books that would appeal even to the most reluctant readers. My resolution was set!

Jump ahead to December 31st, 2008. I am in the same apartment and still don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve. Instead, I am madly writing and finishing the last lines of the story. At four minutes to midnight, I write, “The End.” I have accomplished my goal. I didn’t eat less chocolate or lose 50 pounds, instead, I did what I set out to do the year before: I finished writing my novel, Benched. Exhilarated by the prospect of achieving my goal again, I set a new Resolution for 2009. I decided I needed to workshop my completed novel and by the end of the year, send it off to Orca Book Publishers. I also threw in an additional challenge, just for fun. I would write a second book.

Now we are at December 31st, 2009. Though I had a few offers for things to do for New Year’s Eve, I stayed in so that I could complete my goal. At 10:00, I wrote “The End.” My second book was done! I also sent off my query for Benched to Orca a few weeks before the end of the year. I was amazed at how my Resolutions had helped me finish two books. So, naturally I set my new goals for 2010. To be published (okay, that was a little out of my control) and to write my third novel.

2011 saw both Benched and Living Rough published. I continued my goals each year of writing a new book, and sometimes even finished two. Although it wasn’t until 2016 that I was published again, the books were from each successive year of New Year’s Resolutions. I think I found a great way to ring in the New Year and it has kept me writing and being published, ever since. Now with Cutter Boy, On Cue, and Dead to Me coming out in 2016 and Epic Fail being released in 2017, I think I can say I am on a slow roll. Orca signed with me for Room 555 for 2019 and I have hopes for another book with Lorimer. Of course, there are still two other options floating around and I am writing a new book! Thank you New Year’s for making my dreams come true! Now back to work!

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