Throwback Thursdays



Last week I started a 3-part blog in anticipation of the upcoming release of my first hi-lo YA novel with Lorimer Sidestreets. Cutter Boy will be released on February 12th and thanks to Netgalley, is receiving a high volume of ratings and reviews posted on Goodreads:

Please see my previous blog post: Art in Cutter Boy – Take 1, for a synopsis of the story and for information on the first artist to be showcased from the novel, Béatrice Coron. You can order Cutter Boy here: Lorimer Sidestreets:

Once Travis (my main character) became hooked on paper-cut art through his discovery of Béatrice Coron, he searched the internet for other artists using this medium. In one scene I have him being introduced to the art of Elod Beregszaszi, who focuses on 3-dimensional and pop-up paper-cut art. A favourite piece for Travis is a set of lines that look like crazy stairs going nowhere:

The next artist to be featured here is Miriam Dion, a Canadian who studies in Quebec and uses newspapers and magazines to create her images. She often leaves parts of the text in tact, adding to her unique art. Travis refers to one piece as, The House That Screamed. Check out her work here:

As promised in my first blog on Cutter Boy, I am also including places to access support because of the sensitive nature of the story.


Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre:


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