Throwback Thursdays

First published on 11/8/2015 


Both Orca and Lorimer are to be congratulated on the covers for my two new YA hi-lo novels due out this Spring! I just received the Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) for On Cue. About 60 copies of the ARC were printed and they will be distributed to sales reps, major review publications, media sources, blogs and select contacts at various libraries, schools and bookstores. The hope is that the book receives positive reviews in advance of the publication date.

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My two previous books have met with mixed reviews. Living Rough has fared better than Benched with adult reviewers, but both books seem to garner positive feedback from the intended YA audience. I hope for good reviews for both of my new books. Here is a recent review that went up for Living Rough this month on Goodreads:

Brianna Manheim

Living Rough is a young teen novel that hits on the critical issue of homelessness and poverty. Although the book is pretty short, Watson manages to get across the hardships of being homeless and overall public assumptions, while still being able to give the readers a happy ending.

Edgar Allen Reed is a high school aged boy who lives with his father in a tent in the woods. Edgar, whose friends call him Poe, tries to hide his home situation from his peers and teachers as best as possible, that is until tragedy strikes. The best part of this novel is that it shows the raw emotion between the students when they have an in class discussion about poverty. I would definitely have this book available on my classroom bookshelf to provide exposure of these subjects to my students.

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