Throwback Thursdays…

First published on8/26/15

Since then I also was featured on a blog post for Orca:


Part of the author life is waiting…

Waiting to hear back on books you have sent to prospective Publishers.  I have two of those pending.  I am in the window for OwlKids Books.  In the next few weeks I will either hear a YES on my picture book (what I hope will happen) or I will find a manila envelope in my mailbox (what I hope will NOT happen). I also have a few months left in the waiting game for my children’s picture book with Second Story Press – same deal as above!

Waiting to see the production team’s decisions for your novel’s cover.  I have one of those pending with Lorimer SideStreets and one just went up today for Orca Books.  I am thrilled with what Orca chose for my cover and tagline: Cue the Conflict: Family versus Passion!  Wow!  March 22, 2016 is the release date but you can check it out before then on their website:

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