Throwback Thursdays…

Okay, so it is Friday today! But, I just thought of how to add my old blog posts to this page. I will use Throwback Thursdays as a way to reinvent my page and share some older information and pictures with you. Thanks for reading and for visiting my page!

This was a blog I posted on 6/15/2014



I wanted to post this message on Friday but couldn’t log onto my account.  Because of the 13th?  Maybe it wasn’t just me?

I have decided that although I am not keen on form letters from publishers, I would like to have them, after all!  I have two Manuscripts out with publishers who say on their websites that if you haven’t heard from them within 6 months, assume they do not want your work.  Well, given that I sent 3 poems in to a contest with the theme of ‘lost and found’ and my poetry got lost, only to be found on the day they announced the winners, maybe I should be concerned?  Assume – that means I can assume they actually received my MS in the first place.  What if they didn’t?  What if it got lost in the mail, like my poetry and ended up on the wrong desk or the wrong inbox?  What if the MS fell into an empty space on the truck and is still there now?  Being born on a Friday the 13th, I find strange things happen to me all the time, so it is not impossible that my work is not where it should be!!  And even if the publisher says no, it could be because they just published a similar story, which leaves me with some promise for the merit of my work.  But no response, leaves one with many questions and no answers.  Hrmmmph!

On a lighter note, I had a fabulous time on Friday the 13th reading at an event put together by Pandora’s Collective, so authors of poems in the CV2 2-day contest could hear one another’s work.  Keeps us going until the winner is announced on July 1st.  Heidi Greco and I shared our work and marveled at the great uses of ‘putative’, ‘cramp’ and ‘booster’.  Heidi is also the author I tagged in the ‘Blog Hop’, so please check out her page. She did a MUCH better job than I did of sharing her message and highlighting other authors!!


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