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UnknownPhoto of the Rocky/Coastal Mountains en route from Calgary back to BC. Fodder for my recent WIP.

Lost my original author blog/author website. I had several difficulties with the site and just before heading to Calgary for the summer I thought about copying and pasting my entries and page information in case something should happen. Well, the blog is gone, not just for me, but for everyone. Sad to lose so much, but especially because I planned to do something about it and didn’t follow through.

While I lost a lot of information, thankfully, Jacket Flap had my most recent posts embedded on their page. Yes!!! So, I will be able to re-post some of my blogs. But, beginning of the school year is hectic, so it may be a few weeks before I have a fully active page. And wouldn’t you know, all this happened when I had two important possibilities on the go…  I applied for TD book week 2017 and I applied to be a writing mentor with the U of C creative writing department.


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